There are a growing number of organisations in Australia that proactively engage the value of doctors with disabilities. While Doctors with Disabilities Australia do not officially endorse any organisation to maintain impartiality, we thank the below organisations for taking steps to welcome doctors with disabilities.

If you are looking for opportunities, these organisations take an inclusive approach.

Our GPs are experts in aged care and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of older people.

Our GPs work in partnership with aged care facilities and work closely with their multidisciplinary teams. They will carry out comprehensive medical assessments, contribute to care plans and case conferences, collaborate with pharmacists on medication management, and ensure comprehensive handovers take place.

Our GPs encourage and empower residents to be involved in their care plans as much as possible. They will spend time with family members to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the resident’s medical conditions and what to expect as they move through their last years of life.

Qoctor offers a new format of online healthcare in Australia – one that’s designed to suit the patient.  It’s simple, affordable and provided by registered Australian doctors and pharmacies. And because it’s online, it’s accessible wherever you happen to be.

Instant Consult provides you with the ability to have a health consultation with an Australian registered, fully qualified and experienced Doctor via video call, anywhere in Australia.

We provide a platform for affordable and effective health consultations supplementing the traditional health care system. The ultimate benefit of Instant Consult is the convenience to patients. No need to book an appointment – simply “Request a Consult” and the first available Doctor will connect with you instantly.