Heal thyself: meet the doctors living with the conditions they treat

Would you be in safer hands if your doctor had the same illness as you? Meet the dermatologist with a skin complaint, a psychiatrist with depression, an oncologist who survived cancer and a maternal fetal medicine specialist who couldn’t conceive. And what do they have all have in common: true empathy, birthed from their personal experiences as a patient. Click here to read their stories.

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Dr. Philip Zazove – A Pioneer with Hearing Loss

Dr. Philip Zazove is one of the first deaf physicians certified in the United States, graduating from Washington University. His specialty is family medicine. Today, he is using his story to motivate others. Click here to read his story.

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Dr. Amanda Mooneyham – A Physician with Hearing Loss

Dr. Amanda Mooneyham has a 90 decibel hearing loss in both ears, which is considered profound. She can read lips and, with the help of hearing aids, can hear speech as long as the words are spoken clearly and in her direction. She recently graduated from U.C. Davis and finished up a six-week rotation at Shasta Community Health. Click here to read more.

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